Precision farming is a farming management method based on noticing and adapting to inter and intra-field variability in crops. The goal of this system is to maximize yields while preserving resources such as pesticide, fertilizer, and water. This has all been made possible by the development of GPS technology that allows the farmer to accurately pinpoint his location in the field.

Variability in the field comes from many different places, but maybe the most important variations lie in the soil. Understanding variations in the soil is critical to applying cutting-edge variable rate technologies in agriculture today.

At Falcon, we are most concerned with helping farmers to properly measure the variations in soil throughout the field. The Falcon is a piece of machinery developed by Allan Baucom, a farmer himself, who wanted to create a better way to sample soil. The Falcon provides producers and their advisers with a more accurate and more efficient way to collect soil samples. Falcon soil sampling is more precise, consistent, and efficient.


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