The Falcon Automated Soil Sampling System

Automated Precision Soil Sampling Maximizes Quality

  • Engineered for superior sample consistency and high daily sampling volumes
  • Precision soil sampling designed to drive high-value precision fertility programs
  • Unsurpassed sample quality
  • Improved sample collection efficiency
  • More cores for superior sample quality
  • American Made
  • Built farm-tough

THE FALCON SYSTEM: Built Around the Simplicity and Reliability of The Wheel

Falcon automated soil sampling collection wheel

A ground-driven 5-foot diameter stainless steel drum collects and mixes cores every 15 feet. With an optional second probe, cores are taken every 7½ feet. A constant-contact brush cleans the probe with each pass.

Falcon automated soil sampler stainless steel probe

Depending on the desired core depth, a 4” to 12” stainless steel probe with a replaceable tip deposits a soil core into the stainless steel drum with every revolution.

Falcon Automated Soil Samplier drum lift

When the user-defined core count is achieved, a 12-volt motor raises and rotates the drum to assure proper mixing as the Falcon drives to the next sampling site.

Falcon Automated Soil Samplier sample collection

After soil is mixed in the baffled drum, a stainless steel funnel lowers to fill the sample into a pre-labeled sample bag, box or plastic container in a 12-position keyed carousel.

Falcon Automated Soil Sampler collection storage

Two carousel options allow use of your test laboratory’s specified container, including paper bags, cardboard boxes or Falcon stackable plastic containers.

Falcon barcode reader

The Model 5000 barcode reader automatically identifies and synchronizes samples with the GPS location for uploading to soil test laboratories using the Falcon’s cloud-based data system.

Falcon rear storage cabnet

Reinforced movable shelves in the weather-sealed rear utility cabinet store samples without cluttering the tow vehicle cab.

Falcon Weather-sealed ebox

The Falcon’s weather-sealed e-box includes an onboard Windows computer that controls machine functions via a side-mounted weather-protected touch-screen. Other features: a wireless illuminated video camera, a front-facing fault alert light, a WAAS GPS receiver and multiple data and electrical ports.

Falcon cab computer

The Falcon touch-screen interface and video are fed wirelessly to a laptop or tablet computer inside the tow vehicle for remote operation and monitoring.

Falcon pulled by truck

Field operating speeds typically vary from 8 to 12 mph, depending on field conditions. On the road, the Falcon can be towed at normal speeds.

Falcon - based on the simplicity of the wheel

Falcon technology delivers better samples, better analysis,
smarter input decisions, bigger harvests and increased customer satisfaction.


Falcon Automated Soil Sampling System

High-quality precision agriculture made simple

  • Engineered for superior sample consistency and high daily sampling volumes
  • Precision soil sampling designed to drive high-value precision fertility programs

Click here to see the Falcon in action.


Falcon System Benefits

Agronomists/crop consultants

  • Improved sample quality
  • Improved sample collection efficiency
  • Cover more ground per day
  • Superior customer satisfaction
  • Minimal training requirements
  • Takes human error out of precision                     agriculture


  • Better fertility decision support
  • Higher yield potential
  • Optimized input efficiency
  • Improved fertilizer precision
  • Simplicity, reliability


Falcon Soil Sampler Demonstration at InfoAg 2014