The Falcon Quality Advantage

Falcon offers unsurpassed soil sample quality because it is precise, it takes a lot of cores really fast, and it mixes multiple cores very thoroughly into a representative composite sample.  That’s important because the number of cores making up a sample has a big impact on the reliability of the sample data. Given the limits […]

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Falcon at InfoAg Conference

While attending the recent InfoAg Conference and Trade Show in late July in St. Louis, I had an opportunity to introduce the Falcon Automated Soil Sampling System during a pre-conference tour. I also spoke on the conference program about the profitability of various precision agriculture practices on our North Carolina farm. One thing is clear […]

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Cutting Fertility Losses

Farmer experience and university research agree that a good fertility program is a no-brainer when it comes to producing economic yields.  But getting the fertilizer in the right place and in the right amounts is not easy. And how you sample your soils is at the root of good fertility decisions. Unfortunately the lower the […]

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Ag retailers impressed with Falcon

The Midwest Ag Industries Expo (MAGIE) in Bloomington, IL, in mid-August was a real success for Falcon. This was the first chance for the 2,400 ag retailers and farmers registered for the show to learn about Falcon. We had two rigs at the show, one in our booth and another for live field demonstrations.

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How Falcon Took Flight

As precision agriculture technology has become increasingly important on my farm, soil sampling has become critically important to making good input decisions.  But sometimes there just isn’t time to get all of the sampling done in time using traditional methods, and getting accurate fertility information is more important than ever. That’s why I was excited […]

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Jordan Anderson talks to Allan Baucom.Soil sampling is one of the inevitable, time-consuming duties of farmers each fall. While taking dozens of samples with a hand probe, you constantly have to ask yourself, “Did I get enough samples?” “Are they the right depth?”

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