Below are some of the articles written by others that have focused on the Falcon and Falcon Soil Technologies.

FarmWeekNowPrecision ag on display at Midwest Ag Industries Expo – By Dan Grant – September 17, 2014

New technology on display recently at the Midwest Ag Industries Expo at the McLean County Fairgrounds in Bloomington helps farmers and ag industry professionals improve spray accuracy, reduce nitrogen loss, boost crop yields and reduce input costs, among other benefits.

MAGIE expanded this year, despite a downturn in crop prices, to 105 exhibitors to accommodate increased interest in precision ag components, post-application nitrogen equipment and cover crop seeders.

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CropLifePrecision Agriculture: Finding The Payback – By Cliff Snyder – September 6, 2014

In The Zone
Variable-rate technology (VRT) for fertilizer, seed and irrigation was another popular topic at this year’s InfoAg conference. Allan Baucom of A.L. Baucom Family Farms in North Carolina, spoke on several ways VRT is being utilized profitably in his operation. Baucom has been using variable-rate applications for nitrogen (N), potassium (K), gypsum and lime since 1997. One of the keys to their success has been well-defined management zones based on 17 years of consistent soil sampling, harvest data and other agronomic research. They make their applications using auto-guidance, boom height and swath control. They also supplement the map-based prescriptions with on-the-go, in-season NDVI measurements for fine-tuning N recommendations using a GreenSeeker crop sensor. In 2014, using precision ag technology to manage N application in cotton saved Baucom Farms $12.50 per acre, which is well on the way to realizing the internal objective of a $20 per acre total return on technology investment for the operation.

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PrecisionAgNew Soil Sampling System Debuts At InfoAg – July 28, 2014

North Carolina grower Allan Baucom has what he feels is a better idea for automating soil sampling, and it’s on display at the 2014 InfoAg Conference in St. Louis this week.

Called the Falcon, this system utilizes a ground-driven stainless steel drum and a single soil probe that collects a sample every 15 feet. The contents of the probe are deposited inside the drum, where the soil is homogenized by the spinning action. Once a sample set is collected the drum, spun by a 12-volt motor, deposits the soil into a funnel which empties into a sampling bag.

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AgriNewsFarm gadgets on rise – By Erica Quinlan, Field Editor – July 6, 2014

Soil sampler does all the work

This patented machine collects soils on the go and has the ability to catalog information. It’s designed to allow maximum samples to be collected in a day, saving valuable time.

The Falcon Automated Soil Sampler makes checking soil nutrients less work for farmers. Each soil sample collected by the machine is dropped into a numbered bag. The device is controlled by a laptop.

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Agriculture-comAutomated Soil-Sampling System – Laurie Bedord – August 11, 2014

The details are in the dirt. It’s a fact that has become even more clear as both tillage practices and advanced technologies have demanded that soil samples be taken more comprehensively and intensively.

“I make a lot of decisions based on the outcome of the soil samples I take,” says Monroe, North Carolina, farmer Allan Baucom. “They are expensive decisions that I invest a lot of money in. Yet, I’m not always sure of the quality.”

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southeast-farm-pressNorth Carolina grower develops mobile soil sampler – Roy Roberson – December 13, 2013

Allan Baucom heads a large agriculture enterprise and grows several thousand acres of grain crops and cotton in and around Monroe, N.C.

He’s done it well for plenty of years and says a good soil testing program is one of the hallmarks on which his farming operation is built.

As his farming operation got bigger and bigger, so did the challenges of keeping up with varying soil types, ever-changing soil fertility products and procedures for getting soil samples to and from a reputable lab in a timely manner.

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