Frank Mahns

The Falcon is about more cores–more cores, more scores.  At the end of the day, you know that you’ve collected an honest an accurate soil sample.

~ Frank Mahns , Agricultural Consulting Services , Rochester, NY
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Harold Reetz

Typically, we recommend 10 cores to make up a soil sample, but most people take five because of time constraints. The Falcon system speeds up soil sampling, so the time it takes to collect enough cores becomes a non-issue. This system will allow you to increase the number of cores per sample and can be used to produce more samples per field, to get the intensive sampling that will provide the high-resolution soil test data needed for variable-rate precision fertilizer applications.

~ Harold Reetz , Reetz Agronomics, Monticello, IL
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Bob Stewart

The Falcon allows you to sample twice as many acres in a day as two guys hand-sampling. It also takes out human error in terms of depth and core frequency and improves the accuracy of the sample. This is especially important for the variable-rate fertility programs we use in our operation.

~ Bob Stewart , Stewart Farms, Yorkville, IL
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Rich Wildman

It’s a rugged, simple, straightforward design. It doubled the number of samples we could take per day, while substantially improving the quality of each sample.

~ Rich Wildman , Agrinetix Advanced Agronomy & Technology Consultants, Rochester, NY
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